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When I get my hands on you Boi.
You're gonna wish that you were never born.
You don't even wanna know what I'm capable of.
I eat snakes like you for breakfast.

Running like a wussy.
Hiding like a sissy.

You better shut your mouth while I'm talking to you,
'cause if you don't do what I say then I'll beat you black and blue.
Little snake get out of my face,
or i'll put you in the grave and lay your soul to waste.

You better shut your mouth while I'm talking to you,
When I speak you better listen or I'll sacrifice you.
I am the king, you are just a slave,
if you ever try to snake me there'll be hell to pay.

You're just dead weight Boi.
I'm gonna have to cut you lose.

You think you've got it all figured out?
But you can't get away from me Boi.

You will never escape from me you little snake,
'cause I'm the room that you're hiding in.
Everything in your mind belongs to me now,
including the four walls inside your stupid head.

I think it's about time that I put you to sleep forever now Boi.
(Oh c'mon mayn!)
There's no room in this world for reptiles like you.
(Oh c'mon mayn!) (C'mon!)
If there's one thing that I hate more than anything in this world.
(Oh c'mon mayn!)
It's free lounging slime balls like you.
(Oh c'mon mayn!)

Well I know a snake when I see one.
I'm gonna pull your scales away from your skin.

Boi if I ever catch you around here again,
I'm gonna snap your little neck in half.
If I had it my way all you little snakes,
would be rotting in hell right now.


released February 27, 2017
Bobby Boucher & The Waterboys



all rights reserved


Bobby Boucher & The Waterboys hell, Michigan

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